The Wind Longs to Play in Your (Pit)Hair

Words & Photos by Indy

Originally featured on Indy's personal blog,

A few months back I took up an "experiment" and I stopped shaving. The biggest reason was because I was starting to become downright curious to see what my body looked like in its natural state. It bothered me a little that I didn't know. As someone who has shaved multiple times a week since I was about fourteen, it was a little hard for me to not reach for my razor every time I was in the shower, but now that I'm months in, I'm not sure if I'll ever go back!

It really doesn't make sense to me that society's reaction to women with armpit hair (or pubic hair!) is "gross," or "unhygienic," and yet men with pit hair is completely the norm. Having armpit hair didn't suddenly make me a dirty person. We shouldn't make sudden judgments on someone's appearance simply because we are startled and shocked by it.

Shaving is a habit that women are conditioned to uphold from an early age. There is nowhere on tv, in magazines, or advertisements that shows a woman with hairy pits or legs (even the porn industry has us all about going bare "down there"), so it's easy to see how young teen girls feel like they need to remove that hair if they want to be "normal." (Even though "normal" would seem to me to be the state your body is normally...) Women with hairy legs and armpits are seen as controversial - as if a woman in her natural state is something almost taboo in our culture. It is about time that this changed, so my words and photos are here to help spread the message that IT IS OK NOT TO SHAVE. You don't need to be hairless to be feminine, beautiful, sexy, or powerful.

I'm not writing the post to say that I think all women should stop shaving and embrace their hairiness. I think that if you want to shave you should! I completely understand some people would never want to have have hair on their legs, arms, lady bits, ect., and that is a personal choice, just like choosing not to remove your hair is a personal choice. I want to live in a world where my daughter (if I ever have one) can feel comfortable in her own skin, and not feel forced to look a certain way by the media, advertising companies, and the people around her.

Please, let us all make an effort to embrace individuality, to accept bodies in all degrees of size, color, and hairiness, and to let people do, and not do, to their bodies what they will without judgement. We are all different and unique.

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