Words and Photo by Rachel Starrett



just me no longer

I belong to them

I stretch to grow them, to give them life

pour myself into them

filling them up and draining me

their lives bound to mine


brave face

correct my bad habits

fix my self-esteem

they’re watching

dig deep dig deeper



beautifully entwined

their bodies from my body


they extend from me but are not mine

crushed by the weight of my love for them


innocent round eyes look up

dimpled hands cling

pinching smacking grasping pulling

hugging holding

I’m theirs and they’re mine



freezing time with my eyes

every finger every toe

mental snapshots of their faces

their smiles bring my tears

suffocating in its beauty

its intensity

its pain

its paradoxes


Physical and mental exhaustion

I give them all of me

filling them up and draining me

I give and stretch and pour into them

I belong to the

Rachel Starrett, an FIT alum, is a former small business owner and social media/marketing writer turned stay-at-home mama to her girls India, 2.5 years, and Lennon, 10 months. She lives in Philadelphia, along with her husband Eric, Blaze the dog and Liz Lemon the cat.